About Us

Dream IT - Work on IT - Live IT

Established in 2018 in India, Venecci is an unique high-end luxury brand that specialise in consistency, contemporary prints infused onto clothing for both men and women.

Innovative,inspirational and bold prints form the bass of the look and style we curate to evolve new fashion and prints/patterns. The meaning of Venecci itself means Dream or Dreamer which aspires an individual to live it’s dreams. The owl and hawk is an important element of art for us, as it symbolizes powerful and wiseness.

Venneci began it’s journey as a luxury clothing brand that aims to provide luxury and super comfortable apparels at an affordable rate. The family has been commandeering the textile/apparel business for the past 35 years. The trust of such experience is only enhanced now with the latest addition of Mr. Darshit C. Jain, son of Mr Chetan A. Jain and Mrs. Dimple C. Jain whose young energy makes the transition into luxury apparel a smooth sailing phenomenon. The policy of "Lesser price, better quality" and "Customer satisfaction is our priority” will always be followed. The company promises to give its customers the product of utmost comfort, never seen before designs and elegant outfits to be the highlight of any event.

Meet the Team

Darshit Jain


Shweta Shriyan


Darshit / Shweta